Katie Cage

Founder & Director


As a child, my ambition was to make everything beautiful. I used to tell my mum that I would be the Mayor of Making Things Pretty, so it wasn’t a massive surprise to eventually find myself (after a few detours) working in marketing.

Throughout my journey in this often awesome but sometimes woeful industry, I’ve been fortunate and thoughtful enough to develop my skill set working for organisations that put more good than bad into the world. From education to tourism, I’ve cultivated my skills across a range of sectors and positions.

While many of my roles have brought me great satisfaction, in recent times I have had an increasing desire to branch out and use my skills and experience to support and develop individuals and businesses who have a more mindful approach to their business, those looking to shine their positive light on the world.

So, if like me you feel driven to share your passion with the world, if there is service or product you feel compelled to cultivate, then I would love the opportunity to talk with you about how I can help support an develop your mindful business and help shine your light further than you believed possible.

Katie x


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